About Alzo International

Commitment to Succeed

Founded in 1975 Alzo International has established an outstanding reputation for creating and supplying unique and multifunctional ingredients to the cosmetic and personal care industries. Alzo International is an family owned organization with staff of more than 35 employ¬ees in functions of Research and Development, Quality, Regulatory, Administration, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Distribution. Alzo International and Pharmetics Manufacturing Company, LLC.

Commitment to Technology and Innovation

Alzo International is the owner and co-¬owner of more than 50 patents with several pending. The experienced staff of scientists possesses expertise in all facets of technical support including product synthesis, process development and product formulation.

Commitment to Quality

Alzo International is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Alzo’s continues to maintain the highest standards of quality of its products and service supported by quality assurance, quality control, analytical and document support professionals, who as the 'gatekeepers' ensure that Alzo's products meet the stringent specifications of its customers.

Commitment to Service

In addition to its US based sales force Alzo maintains a distribution network strategically located around the world to provide its local, regional and multinational customers with access to its products and services.

Commitment to the Environment

Alzo continues to formulate products based on natural ingredients derived from renewable vegetable such as corn, soybean, coconut, castor oil and palm oil. Alzo in an affiliate member of the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil).

Commitment to the Future

Alzo is committed to provide its customers with the highest level of support, service and respect they have come to expect over the years. Alzo also remains committed to provide its employees with opportunities for career growth and job satisfaction. We are confident that its innovative products and services backed by dedicated and service oriented people will allow Alzo International to achieve future growth and success.