Polymers and Polymeric Innovations

Polyurethane Specialties

The Polyderm Polyurethane series is based on the reaction of cosmetic polyols, esters, silicones and amines with Isophorone Diisocyanate, resulting in many unique properties including enhanced adhesion durability, film forming and thermal and chemical stability.

Polyurethane Rheology Modifiers

The Dermothix line of Polyurethane Rheology Modifiers and Emulsifiers build viscosity, provide crystal clear clarity in surfactant and aqueous systems, are salt tolerant and stable in the pH range of 2-12.

Silicone Elastomers

The series of NuLastic emollient gels are patented silicone crosspolymers, swollen in cosmetic solvents which due to its “scaffold” structure allows the controlled release of high levels of water soluble and water insoluble additives and provide outstanding skin feel.

Polymeric Film Forming Systems

NuPLastic Film Systems are multifunctional transfer and water resistant films based on the combination of NuLastic Silicone Elastomers and Polyderm Polyurethane water based dispersions. The synergy of the thermoplastic resins and silicone elastomers yield emollient and flexible films, as well as, long wear and the delivery of water soluble and water insoluble actives.