It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Albert Zofchak, Founder and President of Alzo International Inc. His love and passion for science led to a long and successful 60-year career as a chemist and to establishing Alzo International in 1974. He was the inventor of many patents, and his family-owned company remains a leader in the development of specialty chemical ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products by major marketers around the world.

Al was well known and respected by his industry peers, colleagues, and customers many of whom had come to be his friends. His passing is a tremendous loss especially for his family and employees and we will continue to work towards achieving his goal for long-term growth and prosperity for Alzo International.

His name and legacy will carry on with every product made and sold under the brand, “AL ZO”.

Naturally Derived Emulsifiers

Dermasperse and Dermowax Emulsifiers derived from vegetable feed stocks result in stable and versatile o/w and w/o creams and lotions that can also suspend high levels of solids for use in pigmented formulations.

Naturally Derived Emulsifiers

Derived for natural feedstocks these ingredients produce a range of stable and elegant o/w and w/o creams and lotions.

Product INCI Name Feel Description
Dermowax BB *Behenyl Behanate H 72ºC melt point; adds viscosity and substantivity to skin and hair
Dermowax GMHS *Glyceryl Hydroxystearate M 60ºC melt point emulsifier derived from castor oil, increases viscosity
Dermowax GMS *Glyceryl Stearate M 57ºC melt point emulsifier; adds thickening, body and texture
Dermowax SB *Stearyl Behenate H 64-70º C melt point; bodying agent; high mw suggests low irritation
Dermowax SS
Hetester 412
*Stearyl Stearate H 58º C melt point; emulsifier, opacifier and thickener; adds sheen to hair and skin
Dermofat 4919 *Stearic Acid M 52-57º C melt point; o/w emulsifier; suitable for many personal care formulations
Mulls 2218 *Behenoyl Stearic Acid H 65-70ºC melt point; w/o emulsifier; adds temperature stability in o/w emulsions; synergy with Wickenol 535 as part of the Dermasperse MG Green emulsification system
Wickenol 535 *Wheat Germ Glycerides M low HLB, self-emulsifying; exceptionally mild; synergy with Mulls 2218 as part of the Dermasperse MG Green emulsification system



* IECIC listed(Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China)
L Light Feel
M Medium Feel
H Heavy Feel