Naturally Derived Emulsifiers

Dermasperse and Dermowax Emulsifiers derived from vegetable feed stocks result in stable and versatile o/w and w/o creams and lotions that can also suspend high levels of solids for use in pigmented formulations.

Naturally Derived Emulsifiers

Derived for natural feedstocks these ingredients produce a range of stable and elegant o/w and w/o creams and lotions.

Product INCI Name Feel Description
Dermowax BB *Behenyl Behanate H 72ºC melt point; adds viscosity and substantivity to skin and hair
Dermowax GMHS *Glyceryl Hydroxystearate M 60ºC melt point emulsifier derived from castor oil, increases viscosity
Dermowax GMS *Glyceryl Stearate M 57ºC melt point emulsifier; adds thickening, body and texture
Dermowax SB *Stearyl Behenate H 64-70º C melt point; bodying agent; high mw suggests low irritation
Dermowax SS
Hetester 412
*Stearyl Stearate H 58º C melt point; emulsifier, opacifier and thickener; adds sheen to hair and skin
Dermofat 4919 *Stearic Acid M 52-57º C melt point; o/w emulsifier; suitable for many personal care formulations
Mulls 2218 *Behenoyl Stearic Acid H 65-70ºC melt point; w/o emulsifier; adds temperature stability in o/w emulsions; synergy with Wickenol 535 as part of the Dermasperse MG Green emulsification system
Wickenol 535 *Wheat Germ Glycerides M low HLB, self-emulsifying; exceptionally mild; synergy with Mulls 2218 as part of the Dermasperse MG Green emulsification system



* IECIC listed(Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China)
L Light Feel
M Medium Feel
H Heavy Feel