Resale Specialties

As a recognized full service supplier, Alzo International distributes the following range of multipurpose ingredients.

Resale Specialties

Product INCI Name
Dermocol I-16 *Isocetyl Alcohol 
Dermocol I-18 *Isostearyl Alcohol
Dermocol I-20 *Octyldodecanol
Kortacid 1299 MB *Lauric Acid-MB
Kortacid 1499 MB *Myristic Acid-MB
Kortacid 1690 MB *Palmitic Acid-MB
Kortacid 1895 MB *Stearic Acid-MB


Fatty Acids Fatty Alcohols Additional Specialties
Lauric *Lauryl *Castor Oil
Myristic *Myrsityl *Glycerin
Palmitic *Cetyl Sulfonated Castor Oil
Stearic *Behenyl *Polyethylene
12-Hydroxy Stearic *Cetearyl *Polyisobutene
Capric *Stearyl  
Caprylic Capryl  
Isostearic *Oleyl  
Oleic *Isosteayl  



* IECIC listed(Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China)
L Light Feel
M Medium Feel
H Heavy Feel