It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Albert Zofchak, Founder and President of Alzo International Inc. His love and passion for science led to a long and successful 60-year career as a chemist and to establishing Alzo International in 1974. He was the inventor of many patents, and his family-owned company remains a leader in the development of specialty chemical ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products by major marketers around the world.

Al was well known and respected by his industry peers, colleagues, and customers many of whom had come to be his friends. His passing is a tremendous loss especially for his family and employees and we will continue to work towards achieving his goal for long-term growth and prosperity for Alzo International.

His name and legacy will carry on with every product made and sold under the brand, “AL ZO”.

Emollients, Emulsifiers, Conditioners and Surfactants

Emollient Esters

Alzo’s multifunctional esters sold under the Dermol, Wickenol, Bernel, Trivent, Elefac, Hetester trade names provide features and benefits that address market needs and industry trends with a wide range derived from vegetable and other natural sources.

Naturally Derived Emulsifiers

Dermasperse and Dermowax Emulsifiers derived from vegetable feed stocks result in stable and versatile o/w and w/o creams and lotions that can also suspend high levels of solids for use in pigmented formulations.

Specialty Cationic Conditioners

The patented Necon, Nequat and PolyNecon Cationic complexes and polymers provide substantivity and lubricity in shampoos, conditioners, styling aids and hair color systems, as well as long lasting emolliency in creams, lotions and aqueous formulations.

Specialty Surfactants

The series of Foamtaine, Foamid and Foamox Surfactants are fatty acid derived superior foam boosters, viscosity builders, conditioners and foam stabilizers that provide outstanding functionality in skin, hair, bath, soap and detergent products.

Dimers/Miscellaneous Specialties

Monoderm Diurethanes add outstanding deposition and broad pH and thermal stability. As a full service supplier, Alzo offers a diverse range of products sourced from domestic and international suppliers. These include natural and synthetically derived alcohols, acids, oils, glycols and waxes.