Dimers/Miscellaneous Specialties

Alzo’s multifunctional esters sold under the Dermol, Wickenol, Bernel, Trivent, Elefac, Hetester trade names provide features and benefits that address market needs and industry trends with a wide range derived from vegetable and other natural sources.

Monoderm Diurethanes

A series of dimeric urethane emollients, emulsifiers and conditioners derived from branched alcohols which provide adhesion, plasticizing, film formation, as well as, pH and thermal stability.

Product INCI Name Description
Monoderm MPI-18 Diethylhexyl IPDI Isoctanol C8 alcohol dimer viscous clear liquid
Monoderm MPI-10 Dibutylhexyl IPDI Isodecyl C10 alcohol dimer viscous liquid
Monoderm MPI-12 Dibutyloctyl IPDI Isobutyloctyl C12 alcohol dimer viscous clear liquid
Monoderm MPI-14 Dibutyldecyl IPDI Isotetradecyl C14 alcohol dimer viscous liquid
Monoderm MPI-16 Dihexydecyl IPDI Isocetyl C16 alcohol dimer viscous liquid fragrance stabilizer and extender
Monoderm MPI-18 Dioctyldecyl IPDI Isostearyl C18 alcohol dimer viscous liquid
Monoderm MPI-20 Dioctyldodecyl IPDI Octyldodecyl C20 alcohol dimer viscous liquid
Monoderm MPI-24 Didecyltetradecyl IPDI Eicosanyl C24 alcohol dimer viscous liquid

Miscellaneous Specialties

As a recognized full service supplier, ALZO offers the following range of multipurpose ingredients.

Product INCI Name  
Aloxe MG-20 *Methyl Gluceth-20 
Dermacet AC *Cetyl Acetate (and) Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol 
Dermocol I-16 *Isocetyl Alcohol 
Dermocol I-18 *Isostearyl Alcohol
Dermocol I-20 *Octyldodecanol
Dermocol IS-2 Isosteareth-2
Dermocol LM-3 *Laureth-3
Dermowax EGDS *Glycol Distearate
Dermowax HC-40 *PEG-40 Hydrogenerated Castor Oil


Fatty Acids Fatty Alcohols Additional Specialties
Lauric *Lauryl *Castor Oil
Myristic *Myrsityl *Glycerin
Palmitic *Cetyl Sulfonated Castor Oil
Stearic *Behenyl *Polyethylene
12-Hydroxy Stearic *Cetearyl *Polyisobutene
Capric *Stearyl  
Caprylic Capryl  
Isostearic *Oleyl  
Oleic *Isosteayl  



* IECIC listed(Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China)
L Light Feel
M Medium Feel
H Heavy Feel